June News, Events & Schedule:

1. Belt Test for Summer Camp Kids – June 18th, Saturday 12 PM – 1 PM. Belt test ONLY for Summer Camp students.
2. Private Belt Tests – For the rest of summer we will only do private belt tests by appointment only. Talk with your instructor/master to schedule when you are ready.
3. SUMMER CAMPS – Registration is still open! Let your kids have an active, fun-filled summer at Cho’s TKD (Includes TKD classes.) Sign up now in person or online at www.chotkd.com!
4. Summer Morning Classes – Tues. and Fri.’s 10:00-10:45 AM for all students (If you can’t make evening.)
5. WOODLANDS OPEN TOURNAMENT – Aug. 6th, Saturday at Competitive Edge Sports Center. Registration in person or online.
6. Bring-a-Friend Prizes – Bring a friend to join TKD and get special Cho’s TKD gear!