1. 4th of July Parade – Join us for the biggest parade in The Woodlands 9-11AM as we will be marching and doing board breaking demos and promoting our school!

2. 4th of July Closed – We will be CLOSED on July 4th all classes and programs. We will still do the parade so join us for that.

3. Belt Test – July 13th, Sat. 12-1 PM. Group belt test for all belts/ages. If you can’t make it, schedule a private test for $10 additional. *There will only be one group belt test this month.

4. Parents Night Out – July 19th, Fri. 7-10PM. Fun event for students & non-students. Includes fun games and contests run by Master Bill, with pizza and drink. Discounts for multiple kids!

5. Summer Camp –Sign up now for our ongoing affordable and exciting Summer Camp which runs until Aug. 13th. Includes multiple TaeKwonDo classes, fun activities, and planned field trips to the swimming pool, movies, and others.