Intermediate/ Advanced
TaeKwonDo is an excellent developmental tool for the body and mind.  Your child will not only develop outstanding physical fitness, your son or daughter will also learn about the importance of eye contact, posture and active listening skills that will benefit them at school, home, and throughout their lives. TaeKwonDo students are more disciplined and able to stay on task from homework to daily chores.  Children in our programs are taught from the first lesson that the martial arts are not to be misused, and self-control is a key component of our instruction.
TaeKwonDo will:
  • Help your child to develop coordination and balance
  • Motivate your child to participate in exercise
  • Enhance your child’s strength, flexibility and speed, no matter what their starting point may be
  • High energy, fun classes
  • Students learn respect, self-discipline, and perseverance
  • Greater focus leads to academic success
  • Learn the power of goal setting