1. Summer Camp – Sign up now for our affordable and exciting Summer Camp. $200/week for early registration before May 15th, after $225/week.  Space is limited so reserve your spot now!

2. Belt Test – Apr. 13th, Sat. 12-1PM. Group belt test for all belts/ages. If you can’t come, schedule a private test for $10 additional.

3. April Day Camp – Day Camp Apr. 19th, Fri. 8:30AM – 2:30PM (Free extended hours 7AM – 6PM) $45/day. Fun and exciting camp for your kids with TaeKwonDo class!

4. Parents Night Out / Buddy Camp – Apr. 19th, Fri. 7-10PM. Fun event for students & non-students. Includes fun games and contests run by Master Bill, with pizza and drink. Discounts for multiple kids.

5. Belt Test – April 27th, Sat. 12-1PM. Group belt test for all belts/ages.

6. Cho’s Referral Program – Refer a friend to join and both you and your friend get $50 credit towards your tuition! Bring as many as you can!