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“My daughter Jazmin goes to Cho’s. She loves coming to class. She is 12 years old and has learned so much in such a short time.  I can’t say enough good things about this place. I recommend Cho’s to everyone. The team there is the best you will find anywhere.  Thank you all at Cho’s.”


“My son started attending Cho’ TKD in November 2015. We are pleased with the instruction and discipline. Our son is more focused and exercises more self control, since attending. The master instructors are very attentive and provides extra one on one instructions if needed. I would highly recommend Cho’s TaekwonDo Academy for your child.”


“We highly recommend Cho’s! They are very family oriented and genuinely have the best interest of the child and family at heart. My son is 6 and has been there since he was 4, he loves every minute and has learned so much, including respect, discipline and determination.”


“The entire staff has been so patient with him and do such a great job of teaching discipline and respect and hard work while still making it fun. It’s amazing how much my son has matured over the last 9 months since we joined and he loves it! I highly recommend Cho’s TKD!”


“Master Cho has built a very family friendly atmosphere where all ages can learn and grow as people and athletes. I have been fortunate to see my sons become healthier, self-confident, and more disciplined as they progress on their taekwondo journey.”


“My son and daughter were getting bullied, didn’t participate in any extra curricular activities, and they didn’t have any friends. After joining Cho’s and working with Master Bill they made the Olympic sparring team and they began to gain confidence. Now they don’t get bullied anymore. They also made friends at Taekwondo. They are always hanging out with their friends they met at Taekwondo. My wife and I also made friends at Taekwondo. We even take turns bringing the kids to Taekwondo with other families. Cho’s Taekwondo is like a family. Everyone knows each other and all the kids uplift and help each other. Cho’s is bully free zone where he teaches the kids about respect and martial arts. This was the great choice because he has many affordable options and discounts for multiple family members. Oh and they have three locations and with your membership you can attend all locations. Take my advice and go by try a free class with your family at Cho’s Taekwondo.”

Jeffero Parents