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About Us

Grand Master Isaac Cho

Grand Master Isaac Cho is passionate about teaching his students to become outstanding people.

Master Paul Cho

Master Paul Cho


Master Paul Cho uses the practice of Taekwondo to place emphasis on self-development for his students.


Cho’s Taekwondo Academy

At Cho’s TaeKwonDo, we offer classes for the whole family. We offer traditional TaeKwonDo training for ages 3 and up, as well as a childcare licensed after-school program, kickboxing, self-defense classes.

Our 6,700 square foot facility boasts 3 exercise rooms and ample space for parents and siblings to relax during class. Cho’s TaeKwonDo hosts an inner-school tournament twice a year. In addition, we participate in local, state and national tournaments.  Voted the #1 TaeKwonDo School in The Woodlands in a Woodlands Online poll for numerous years, Cho’sTaeKwonDo is proud to offer area families a high-quality solution for fitness, focus and fun.
The Korean art of TaeKwonDo has been practiced for over 2000 years. Originally used as a form of combat, now TaeKwonDo is a popular and exciting sport that is even included in the Summer Olympics. It has been the national sport of Korea for many years. This martial art focuses the combined strengths of body, mind and spirit to produce extremely strong fist and foot attacks.

Cho’s Taekwondo was founded by Grand Master Cho, an 8th-degree black belt with more than 40 years of teaching experience, Cho’sTaeKwonDo has been serving The Woodlands and surrounding areas since 1992. Grand Master Cho and the entire staff of Cho’s TaeKwonDo have been providing strength, flexibility, balance and endurance workouts, as well as discipline and mental training to students. Throughout our training, we draw on the Five Tenets of TaeKwonDo:

TKD Tenets

Cho’s Taekwondo Academy provides excellent martial arts programs from Olympic style classes to After School Programs that Include bus rides from school & afternoon snack. We offer Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Camps for all year round access. Our programs include Monthly Parents Night Out Buddy Camps, Birthday Parties, Kids Fitness Programs, Adult Kickboxing, Fitness/Weight Loss Classes and Metafit Classes. Martial arts are well known to be good for the mind as well as the body, helping students to learn focus, self-discipline, confidence and respect for others. Students at Cho’s TaeKwonDo learn from experienced black belt instructors.

Tenets of TKD Poem