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Little Tigers (Ages 4-7) / Beginners
Intermediate / Advanced
Adults, Teens & Family
Women’s Self-Defense

Tots (Ages 3-4)

Our Tots programs keep children engaged with non-stop activity.  Your child will run, jump, kick and punch their way to greater fitness, coordination and focus. They’ll love every second of each positive, high-energy class.

Through positive reinforcement, encouragement and coaching from Black Belt instructors, students grow in self-confidence and self-discipline, learn to follow directions, and develop important physical skills.

Children in the Tots program have fun, stay active, and learn to how to participate appropriately in a positive, disciplined environment.

Little Tigers (Ages 4-7)

At this age, children are developing important social skills.  TaeKwonDo helps children to develop confidence and self-esteem.  They will also learn respect for others and the appropriate use of their TaeKwonDo knowledge.

In addition, they will become physically fit, developing coordination, strength and agility.

After completing the Little Tigers program, your student will be well-prepared to join our regular kids and family classes.  We will partner with you to put your Little Tiger on the path to black belt excellence.

Kids Club (Ages 7-11)

Kids Club TaeKwonDo is an excellent developmental tool for the body and mind. Your child will not only develop outstanding physical fitness. Your son or daughter will learn about the importance of eye contact, posture and active listening skills that will benefit them at school, at home, and throughout their lives. TaeKwonDo students are more disciplined and able to stay on task from homework to daily chores. Children in our programs are taught from the first lesson that the martial arts are not to be mis-used, and self-control is a key component of our instruction.

TaeKwonDo will:

Help your child to develop coordination and balance.
Motivate your child to participate in exercise.
Enhance your child’s strength, flexibility and speed, no matter what their starting point may be

Family Class (All Ages)
Participating in TaeKwonDo classes as a family offers a wide range of benefits.
A rewarding activity your whole family will enjoy.
Common ground that brings your family closer together.
A way to find exercise time for you while involving your children in a program that benefits them.
Spending time as a family in a place full of motivated goal-setters with a positive attitude.

In addition, both adults and children are proven to grow stronger in both mind and body through TaeKwonDo training.  You and your children can expect to see improvements in focus and self-discipline, along with the physical benefits of improved strength, flexibility and coordination.

Teens and Adults
Teens Class: It is no secret that today’s teens and adults are under unprecedented stress and social pressure. Training in TaeKwonDo offers an opportunity to improve your ability to deal with these pressures, through improved focus, self-confidence and motivation.  Martial arts training has demonstrable effect in improving health, preparing students to positively respond to stressful situations, improving work/school performance, and increasing comfort and self-confidence in social environments.

TaeKwonDo also provides an unrivaled workout that increases strength, coordination, flexibility and speed.

Women’s Class
We know from many years of experience that martial arts training can benefit anyone, regardless of age or gender, and help them to develop a healthier, more balanced life. Women today juggle many responsibilities at work, family, social responsibilities. Often, exercise falls by the wayside and the result is poorer health, both mentally and physically. The key is often finding a healthy activity that will motivate your to stick with it.  We offer a special women’s class once per week to help women to meet their health and fitness goals. Some women prefer the single-gender workout environment. Others find that the daytime class better fits their schedule.

Regardless of their reasons, students in our women’s class find that they:

Become physically stronger
Become more flexible and agile
Reach their target body weight and maintain it without a struggle
Experience greater energy and vitality
Have greater clarity of mind
Gain greater confidence, self esteem, and self-discipline