Birthday Parties







Have your Birthday Party at Cho’s TaeKwonDo Academy

$199 for 2 hours / $160 for 1 hour 40 minutes

Please make a $60 deposit to reserve the date and facilities. Sign up with your date and name on Birthday Sheet on bulletin board at the studio.

Free TaeKwonDo lesson for your friends and fun activities with games, sing a birthday song, and board breaking!

Also time to eat cake and open birthday gifts! Ki-hap!!

*Up to 20 guests (excluding adults).  Party Host may arrive 15 minutes earlier to set up. You may bring any kind of food such as cake, pizza, snacks, & drinks.Available time slots for parties are on Saturdays 1:00~3:00 PM, or 3:30~5:30 PM. (Gratuity to Masters is optional.)

Tel :281-367-0101

27326 Robinson Rd. #120 Oak Ridge North, TX 77385