Cho’s TaeKwonDo Academy cares about all of our students no matter what income they come from.

We now provide Scholarship Programs for those students with a lower family income and with good grades.

The Scholarship Program will give a discounted price on tuition for previous and new students that are in need of a more affordable price.  We want to work with you to give you the opportunity to learn TaeKwonDo no matter the price.  Come visit us and we can discuss the right price for you to join our TaeKwonDo Academy.





We want to thank those who have served in the military and have done this country a great service.  This is why we give military discounts to those who have served in the military.  Just show us proof with I.D. or other methods and we will give you a permanent discount on you or your child’s total tuition!

Healthcare Worker Discount

We want to thank all of the extraordinary healthcare workers that keep working night and day during this time. We at Cho’s TaeKwonDo Academy want to give back by offering 10% off your total tuition when you sign up as a new student and show proof of healthcare ID.

Thank you again.

Single Parent Discount

Cho’s TaeKwonDo Academy always want to help kids and parents who are struggling financially or otherwise by offering a discount to single parents. If you pay for your kid’s tuition by yourself, we will discount your tuition price, for new students who sign up. We want to offer the chance for kids to take TaeKwonDo!